Date: August 02, 2015

Ever since 1982 Belltron has distinguished its trademark worldwide and become a leader in  electronics for churches. Evidence of this is the continuing growth of the company over the years. It has been quite a while since the Made in Italy products have been successfully exported to the world, in fact they jumped to the eyes of the Americans in the '80s with a well deserved note of praise in The Wall Street Journal.

SALES A PEAL : Italy’s Auli Elettronica Sas rings up sales with a miroprocessor-based Church-bell simulator. The “Quasimodo Bells” can play more than 100 different programs, from striking the hour to carillon concerts and from vespers to wedding marches. The system is designed for churches that either bell towers or funds for a full time bell ringer, and for ancient structures too weak to withstand vibrations from real bells. The £1,690 to £16,800 units, depending on the sophistication of the programs, offer a feature that old-fashioned bells don’t: The volume of the ringing can be lowered to avoid disturbing neighbours at night.

Belltron initially started out with the company name and brand called Auli, which designed and manufactured the first electronic digital carillon in the world. It then pursued to develop more advanced up-dated technological products.

Today, in this digital era, Belltron opens the path to a new way of living electronics in places of worship which are capable of interacting in a direct, simple and intuitive way. The engineers of the R & D department have developed Belltron-Cloud, the first free application to remotely manage their devices, making life much easier for everyone.

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