1. What is Belltron?
Belltron is a trademark of electronic equipment for Churches. It has been on the market since 1982 and continues to grow. The company also produces appliances with the following trademark: Belltron, Belltron Technology, Quasimodo Bells and Electa. It creates alternative and individual high quality solutions to meet the needs of the ecclesiastical world, thanks to the research and innovation work carried out by a team of professional electronics all passionate about their work.

2. What Type of products does Belltron produce?
Belltron brings forth unique ideas to create truly innovative solutions. It does not sell pre-packaged products but prefers to invest time and resources to offer its customers something new that meets their requirements. The team of staff is free to do unreserved research in order to find solutions for every kind of need required by the customer. The production line is the heart of the company which manufactures the internally studied project.

3. Does Belltron also provide service?
In addition to offering the most diverse electronic equipment useful in every Church, the staff at Belltron is at the disposal of its customers and retailers to pass on technological skills necessary for the management of the products.

4. What distinguishes Belltron from another company in the same industry?
Many companies are only authorized retailers of computer appliances or use existing operating systems that have been adapted to the needs of the Church. Each Belltron electronic device is exclusively made, developed and improved to meet the specific ecclesiastic market. The quality of "made in Italy", of both the products and the ideas that are portrayed are the pride of the company. A wide versatility of the equipment, continued growth at the level of technical expertise, significant attention to the every ones needs and the passion that is put into the products are a notable important reason to continue to rely on Belltron technology.

5. Why should you contact Belltron?
At Belltron the staff is always open to provide answers, even to the most complex enquiries, because it has the expertise to do so. The method adopted is simply to maintain a continuous relationship of dialogue with its customers and installers in order to offer customized solutions to their requirements. The company has native language speakers of English, French, Spanish and Russian.

6. What does Belltron do?
Belltron designs and builds practical solutions for churches, taking advantage of the know-how and experience of its team. The purpose is to make the electronic equipment made by Belltron increasingly updated and simple to use. That is why each product is designed to fit those who use it, ensuring greater quality, efficiency and ease of management, where you really need it. To build effective solutions Belltron invests many resources in research and allows freedom of expression to the individual personalities of its members of staff who design and manufacture the products. This approach allows new ideas and technologies to be evaluated and to always find suitable solutions to be adapted to the particular requirements of each enquiry.

7. What is a digital carillon?
A digital carillon is an electronic device that has no mechanical moving parts. Its purpose is to faithfully reproduce the sound of a traditional bell. The Belltron digital carillons are much more versatile and offer the customer a range of incredible services.

8. Is the sound of an electronic device faithful to that of a real bell?
The sound reproduction generated is excellent thanks to the new omnidirectional speaker which spreads the sound at 360°. In addition, the top models series allow you the ability to change the timbre (voice) of the bells.

9. What is the Belltron linear motor system for the bell peal sounds?
The Belltron linear motor for bell peal sounds is an electromagnetic induction system that replaces the chain transmission system by means of an electromagnetic field. In this way the bell is free to swing, without limitations, does not generate irritating noises and squeaks. It does not require maintenance because it no longer has the use of wheels, chains and sprockets. The Belltron linear motor has an epoxy resin which makes it weather resistant.

10. We have an important celebration coming up soon. How quickly can you install the new system we need?
Belltron always tries to satisfy the demands of urgent installations. The installation time depends on the geographic location and if the client wants the Belltron personnel to carry out the installation. It would be useful to proceed as quickly as possible with your order so that Belltron can start production of the necessary items.

11. We have some particular requirements for sounds. Can Belltron satisfy our needs?
A characteristic of the Belltron digital carillons is the wide range of melodies offered in the music library inside the systems. Due to the sampling of hundreds of sounds of bells the Belltron systems can provide an appropriate melody for every occasion according to local traditions. In addition, using an external keyboard any musician can create and record bell compositions. You can program real church bell concerts by changing the intensity of the sound and the swinging time of each bell sound to achieve stunning realistic results. The company also offers a service for recording and storing melodies. By forwarding the music sheets of interest, a pianist will play the melody for you which will then be saved on a SD card or directly inside the Belltron device.

12. How do I know if our bells are still potentially functional? What should I look out for?
Generally, bronze bells are indestructible but if the mechanical moving parts are damaged then this could cause the movement of the bell difficult as well as being dangerous. Constant exposure to climate change, extreme temperatures, dust and water, can make the mechanical parts subject to deterioration. Even a bell a few years old may need maintenance.
Some parts of the bells which it would be good to pay attention to are:
The scaffolding of the bell - the bell or bells, may be suspended in a metal scaffolding which could rust if painted improperly. If there are areas which have gone rusty then you should proceed to sand the entire scaffold and then repaint it with specific paint. You must not use spray. The painting of the bell’s scaffolding must be done by hand by your entrusted painter and be supervised by a professional in this field. Painting the wrong parts could spoil the functioning of the bell.
The sustaining chains - the bells are tied to the scaffold by mechanical chains which cater also to the movement of the bell. A section of the belt that rubs against the bell may be subject to electrolytic corrosion. In this area, rain water cannot evaporate and could cause the belt to rust therefore decreasing the grip on the bell. Danger lies in the fact that it is not possible to determine how much rust is formed and how it has deteriorated parts. The only way to ascertain this problem precisely is to remove the various straps of the bells.
Belltron proposes a series of cast bell controllers that allow their movement via twisted pair, fiber optic or via Radio. If you want to remove the gears but maintain the bells with their traditional sound you can use our linear motors coated with epoxy resin to be installed near the bell. In this way the bell requires no maintenance and is driven only by an electromagnetic force and is free to swing without friction. Since there are no more moving parts it can also be rope pulled

13. What is belltroncloud?
Belltroncloud is the new Belltron system to automatically connect the digital carillons and cast bell controllers to the Internet without the need for configuration. The connection to our server will allow constant monitoring of the Belltron products for assistance, programming, changes to the software updates, etc.
Where no broadband reception is available, the belltroncloud version with USB and SIM card of any telephone operator, will still permit connection to the Internet. The devices can be controlled and programmed by the customer or installer simply by connecting to the Internet via a PC or relative app, with Smartphones and Tablet.

14. How can I become a partner Belltron?
Anyone who has an interest in becoming a distributor and installer of the Belltron products shall meet the values that the company believes in and be available to maintain the reliability and quality that the product is recognized by over the past thirty years.
Our success is having experienced dealers who engage in a passionate and enthusiastic manner to marketing and to monitoring the final customer. For clients, for colleagues, for personal satisfaction, it is good to have an attitude of open-minded and reasoning. Be willing to communicate with different types of culture and have excellent social skills. Know how to be part of a team but also be able to work efficiently alone. To have clear and challenging goals to indulge in their achievement.
Contact the company to make arrangements and individual interviews.

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