Date: February 02, 2018

Belltron has always differentiated itself, compared to its competitors, for the high level of innovation that distinguishes its products.

What fields are you being challenged with today?

Up to a few years ago, innovation was product-oriented in terms of HW (reducing energy consumption, making user interface increasingly more simple and engaging with color displays and touch screens) as well as SW which includes the constant launching of new features available to help the user to access the ever-increasing potential abilities of the system in a simple and intuitive manner.

Over the past few years our notion of innovation has expanded to the Cloud system because we believe that very soon our customers will expect more and more from our systems and will want to be able to control and manage our equipment at any time of the day, from anywhere in the world, using any device.

What made you decide to tackle this field of work and offer it to your customers?

Many multinational companies such as Mitsubishi Electric or Panasonic which work in the air conditioning and heating sector, are on the same track as us. Let’s say that we have been inspired by them even though it is also a natural evolution of the new technological generations and applied to a variety of electronic fields. However, Belltron is proud to have shared this vision with the major world players.

What is the Cloud service all about?

The main features that a Cloud service must guarantee are: immediate and secure access to the data in case of breakdown or in the event that the device needs to be changed,  simplicity, immediacy, data backup, configuration, adjustment of the equipment to different devices such as smart phones, tablets, PC, etc. and the opportunity to offer ever-more effective assistance and maintenance services to end users. All this as well as answering also to the realistic  needs that have been reported to us by parish priests who have had to run more than one church sometimes very distant from each other.

How was this concept been developed and applied specifically to the technologies of places of worship?

To be more levelled to the efficiency of particular equipment such as that produced by Belltron, we have totally renewed and customized our Cloud platform in order to be ready to adjust to the ever-changing needs that the market and users will ask for once they have  gained confidence with the potential that the interconnection of systems to the Cloud system can offer.

What is the advantage of using the Belltron-Cloud?

Belltron has developed a completely customized Cloud platform. At the moment it is the only company, in this market field that possesses its own Cloud technology for each of its series of products. The Belltron-Cloud platform has been designed to guarantee maximum speed and ease of use with different devices. In general, our competitors do not have a Cloud platform yet or are using a third-party Cloud solution, directed to the IT market (Information Technology) but difficult to use and inadequately adaptable to the specific needs of our users / customers.

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