Date: July 01, 2021

Installation of the clock movement system “ROB” made by Belltron on the monumental clocks at the former Town Hall and now Viciebsk Museum in Belarus.

Built in Baroque style in 1175, the Town Hall is a spectacular building distinguished by light coloured walls and a clock tower. The building is now the Viciebsk Regional Museum.

The building is made up of  a clock tower  with four clocks and dials each 3 meters diameters.

The control system for clock hand rotation and synchronism is managed by the Belltron system ROB series and the digital bell system DMC-370A.

The clock movements system “ROB” series synchronizes the clock hands to a tenth of a second to the actual time of the control unit. This innovative system allows constant time precision under any condition. In the event of blackout or any other event the phase shift is immediately detected and corrected instantly.

The Digital bell system DMC-370, installed in the museum, is a practical and functional device for the reproduction of daily, weekly and annual programming of the sound of the bells. This device is versatile and easy to use. The sound of the bells of different sizes is faithfully reproduced: from the low and deep notes to the ringing ones, in every possible combination. However, the wide variety of preset sounds leaves room to add special sounds required by the needs of local customs such as Den 'Pobedi to commemorate Victory Day.

The effective sound diffusion is guaranteed by horn speakers positioned on each side of the clock tower to broadcast the melodies over miles with a high quality sound.

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