Date: June 07, 2013

In the summer of 2012, the town of Caille in France decided to pay homage to the meteorite which fell into  the Audiberg Mountains in year 1630 by setting up an exhibition area to remember this important event.

The meteorite was exhibited at the National history Museum in Paris until last year when a temporary exhibition was organized after 200 years from its discovery in the place where it was found.

In the 17th century Caille was a small mountain village, isolated for most of the year by snow. The population lived on cattle and sheep and life was very tough. Unfortunately, there are no written testimonies of this event, but evidence shows that initially this meteorite was used to forge work tools and to make horseshoes.

In 1800, a naturalist and mineral engineer called Cyprien Prosper Brard, visited the town and suspected that this great mass of iron could come from outer space. As a consequence, the meteorite was transported to the capital in order to be analyzed.

The council at the town hall in Caille handed the meteorite over in year 1828 in exchange of a tower clock for its city. Obviously the exchange made at that time does not seem fair to us today,but at that time it was a way for the city to be noticeable at the court of King Charles X.

Owing to the versatility of the Belltron products and motivated by the importance of the meteorite at an international level, Belltron designed and built a control unit to manage the mechanics, sound and lighting at the exhibition in Caille.

The installation was carried out using a digital carillon of the 860 series with adapted audio recordings but maintaining the regular control system functions. A part from the digital carillon, Belltron also provided the audio amplification systems with horn speakers, a set of spot lights to illuminate the surroundings as well as a video system and a coin-operated automation system. The idea of how to present and exhibit the meteorite came from Belltron’s retail dealer Mr. Andre Voegele who managed to adapt and use the Belltron device creatively. 

Today it is possible to see, touch and imagine the meteorite perfectly thanks to the audio-video playback of the event. The meteorite, which is physically visible in all its size, is animated by synchronized and mechanical lights that set in motion the meteorite, reproducing its fall on earth and its history. The story is narrated in the form of an imaginary tale between a grandfather and his grandson who tells the story of what he saw when the meteorite hit the earth.

This particular exhibition area in Caille will certainly not disappoint its visitors and enthusiasts of the outer space and planets.

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