Date: February 02, 2024

La Basílica Parroquia la Milagrosa is one of the most significant and fascinating places of worship in Madrid. Located in the Chamberí district of the city, this majestic Catholic church catches the attention of visitors with its impressive architecture and rich history. What particularly distinguishes the Basílica is its architectural style: remarkable example of neo-Gothic, characterized by high spires, stained glass windows and an interior that evokes a sacred and solemn atmosphere. 

In a church like the Basílica La Milagrosa, with its walls made of hard materials and its high ceilings, reverberation can be significant, which can increase the beauty of choirs and music, but sometimes it can also make it difficult to understand words. 

This criticality has been managed at best by Belltron that, thanks to the professionalism of its technicians, has been able to eliminate the problems encountered at the time of the inspection with a specially designed plant, making listening to the liturgy pleasant and perfectly understandable. 

The speakers used for the occasion are of the CA-65 model, characteristic for their discreet design - in order to preserve the architectural appearance of the Basilica- and for the high performance in acoustically reverberant environments. 

Even the mixer-amplifier BPA-16, was able to minimize the effect of the echo present in the Basilica, thanks to the possibility of equalization on 15 frequency bands. After a careful environmental analysis, different presets were created according to the attendance of the faithful in the church and the type of speaker. Moreover, very interesting to know, that, unlike other amplifiers on the market, among the new features there are fiber optic inputs and outputs, customizable password, dedicated app on smartphones for managing different presets and general volume, customized parameter control up to a maximum of 4 environments simultaneously. In this specific case, the two internal amplifiers were used to independently equalize the environment of the central and lateral aisles, and the presbytery area. 

In addition to the classic audio system complete with speakers, microphones and amplifier, the Basilica also considered it appropriate to equip itself with a liturgical animator AL-9970ATS, to highlight the quality of acoustics during sacred music and prayer. The liturgical animator Belltron helps to make the spiritual atmosphere a unique sound environment and to immerse the faithful in the refined sacredness. 

Father Jesus Maria González Antón was very satisfied with the work done both before and during the installation of the material. The latest calibrations and equalizations have been agreed with the sales manager Alessandro Libetti and the technician Angelo Capriotti, who arrived specifically from Italy to conclude the work already well carried out by Daniele Vallesi, Didimo Eectronics SL, and sound engineer Omar Silva. 

The commitment of the Basílica Parroquia La Milagrosa in the care of acoustics testifies to its dedication to providing a complete and engaging spiritual experience to its visitors. This customized audio system is an example of how technology can be used in harmony with the architecture and sacredness of a place of worship, improving the quality of celebrations and therefore the connection of the faithful.


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