Belltron technology at the international fair in Vicenza, Italy

Date: May 07, 2013

The 15th edition of the Koiné international fair took place from the 13th to the 16th of April 2013. It is considered the most prestigious event for the international supply of goods of the religious sector.

The biennial event is supported by the Italian Episcopal Conference organisation, the Cultural Heritage and the Ecclesiastical National Service for places of worship constructions, the newspaper Osservatore Romano, the Diocese of Vicenza and the  F.A.C.I. Federation of the Association of Clergy in Italy.

Koiné attracts retailers, distributors, exporters, buyers from the 5 continents, designers, architects, superintendents, liturgists, heads of religious communities, parishes and shrines, design students and representatives of museums and art galleries. The accredited visitors (20% coming from abroad) are of great value and reward the unique and professional event in demonstrating the vibrancy of the sector in terms of productivity and innovation.

Over 300 exhibitors preview their latest products from liturgical furnishings, technologies regarding places of worship, religious devotional items and services available for the clergy. Belltron never misses this biennial event to present their latest technologies and those currently in progress.

This year the DMC3800 and DMC870 digital carillons obtained enormous success. These innovative systems are able to easily manage up to 10,000 different functions. One of the main features of the Belltron digital carillons is the wide range of melodies it offers to the users.  Due to the sampling of hundreds of bell sounds, the Belltron digital carillons are able to offer an appropriate bell sound for any local tradition.  In addition, using an external keyboard any musician can create and record new melodies.

You can program real concerts of church bell peals and change the intensity of the sound and the swinging time of each bell to obtain a truly realistic bell sound. Furthermore, using the simple programming system the user can manage the bell tower, tower clock, hammers or motors wherever real bells are present as well as control any other particular service program for the church (ex. turning lights on/off, control alarm systems, opening/closing of doors, control heating systems, etc.).

All Belltron bell systems  can be programmed via Browser, Wireless, Ethernet, Internet, Smartphone and Tablet.

An absolute novelty in the church field is the becloud system for automatic connection of the Belltron  cast bell controllers and digital carillons to the Internet without any need for configuration. Connection to the becloud server allows constant monitoring of machines, programming, modifications to the software updates, etc., even where no broad band is available, the version with USB and SIM card of any service provider can be used. The devices can be controlled and programmed by the customer or installer simply by connecting to the Internet by means of purposely dedicated applications.

Qualified staff guarantees perfect execution in the design and manufacture of all products. Using the latest techniques and technologies Belltron has proven over the years to keep up with the times and offers the latest technology for any ecclesiastical requirement. The Koinè fair is one of the many opportunities where the company can meet the enormous international audience, and from which it has received acclaim for all its work at the service of the Church.

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