Connections via Radio: data transmission more efficient and practical

Date: November 19, 2013

Ideal and legendary: only a product that inspires the passion to go beyond the impossible can remain on the market after more than two decades of acclaimed success.
The radio connection system designed and manufactured by Belltron exclusively for the ecclesiastical market to fulfill customers requirements is a timeless product which has amazed those who have used it.
The radio link system can be used with all cast bell controllers for the management of real bells in the bell tower and the controller situated in the sacristy.
Generally speaking the radio data transmission system is chosen used for three reasons:

a)    Inability of cable conections owing to excessive distance or structural impediments;
b)    Ability to manage other external services to the parish such as bell towers of other neighboring churches;
c)    The choice of the radio system is often more advantageous and economical than the cost of cables and their installations.

Over the years Belltron has continued its research in this field and has refined the technique of radio connections to all its equipment in order to control the bell automation at any appointed time.

Two examples in Ireland
Noel Kavanagh, dealer and head of Belltron Ireland & UK Ltd. has recently  made a couple of installations using the radio controlled system.
The first installation was made in county Antrim in Newtownabbey, at the Star of the Sea Church.
This church has ten bells run by motors as well as hammers. It is easy to understand that the quantity of cables would have been immense therefore very expensive and difficult to install.
Mr. Kavanagh chose the radio link between the GM800 control panel situated  in the sacristy and the relay board in the bell tower. (why?…)

Another radio controlled system was installed  in a church name of the church…)in the town of Termonfeckin where it was impossible to install a traditional system. In fact, the cables that were supposed to connect the Belltron  GM800 cast bell controller to the relay board, were obstructed by stained glass windows, which separated the sacristy from the bell tower where the bell system was situated.
Using the radio data transmission system from the cast bell controller to the bell tower has managed to solve the problem of the distance as well as  managing  the programmed bell sounds without difficulty.

There are many advantages in using the radio data transmission system according to the various different local requirements. Some have also been used to control the bell strikes of other nearby churches or chapels as the system can be applied to existing installations even at a considerable distance. The basic installation creates an advantage for everyone and fulfills the parishioners and the parish priest who installs it.

Belltron meansresearch and technology at the service of the customer to facilitate connections.

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