Date: August 05, 2022

The oldest sanctuary in the West is located on a cliff in Puglia, in a village of white houses perched on Monte Sant'Angelo, which is where the Archangel Michael made three appearances to the then bishop Lorenzo Maiorano and a fourth appearance after several centuries. After a series of miraculous events the adoration of the Archangel Michael became supported, generating an attraction for believers from all over the world.

Ungaretti defined Monte Sant’Angelo as "the metropolis of faith", in fact the cave of the Basilica has been visited by thousands of people every day for fifteen centuries, as well as visits from many kings, bishops, popes and saints.

In addition to the numerous pilgrims who arrive throughout the year, an important moment in the religious life of the Sanctuary is the procession which takes place on the 29th of September. It is a tradition that started between the end of the fifth and the beginning of the sixth century following the first three apparitions that led to eight bishops to enter the cave in procession.

In order to ensure an excellent audio and to avoid any radio disturbances during the outdoor celebrations, the Sanctuary of San Michele decided to rely on the Belltron quality and its unique Mobile Procession Systems that are able to scan the range of free frequencies automatically.

The Belltron portable audio system, supplied with horn speakers, allows a smooth sound diffusion and an excellent tone correction response: optimal for amplifying the voice and music in outdoor environments over a long distance. The basic system includes a procession pole where the frequencies can be adjusted and saved, volume and tone control and a microphone input. An additional microphone can be added to the basic kit as well as being supplemented by more RX/TX (receiving/transmitting) mobile systems according to requirements.

The Procession Pole has an integrated digital amplifier and an antilarsen that guarantees a considerable reduction of any eventual interferences that can generate in a sound system when the signal diffused by a loudspeaker feedbacks the amplification system through one or more microphones.

A USB port is integrated on each pole to enable the reproduction of audio / music files.

The Basilica Sanctuary of San Michele has seven Belltron procession systems, three of which have a double microphone: one for singing and the other for voice reproduction.

"Over more than a quarter of a century we have used a procession system made by Belltron for the procession of the Archangel Michael in the city of Monte S. Angelo.

The first system consisted of 4 procession poles to which it was possible to add a second system with 3 procession poles. This was possible thanks to the professional support of the Belltron technicians who were able to make the two systems compatible between themselves. Therefore the whole system is made up of a total of seven mobile Procession systems.

It may seem like an overstated system but the strong involvement in this particular procession and the worshiping of the Archangel Michael is very much felt not only by the local population but also by people from abroad. Thanks to the Belltron mobile procession system we are able to actively involve many pilgrims in prayers and songs ".

The above acknowledgement was made by Antonio Ciuffreda: the superintendent of the amplification project of the Basilica of San Michele Arcangelo.

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