Give an unlimited extension to the Word: Use Belltron mobile procession systems

Date: December 05, 2013

The new Belltron mobile procession system supports the high quality German Sennheiser technique to ensure processions of unlimited length, without any disturbance of radio interference.

The Sennheiser receiver is integrated into the top of the Belltron procession system. Setting the new scan list, the system automatically saves the frequency free of interference by means of a self-scanning procedure. The portable receivers are complete and ready for use: Once turned on and a clear frequency is found, just simply place it into the supporting pole SPP 520.

The Belltron procession system arranges the reception signal on one frequency and transmission on another, without the possibility of any interference.
The SPP520 system  creates micro radio links to guarantee that the procession is heard in all its length, whichever that may be, under the condition that all the receiver systems are kept in sight of each other.

The SPP520 mobile procession systems are appreciated especially because of their wide frequency range, the intuitive menus visible on a LCD graphic display,  the built-in antilarsen and the USB port for transmitting  a background of sacred music during the processions. The unique design and lightweight, resistant structure were studied carefully by the Belltron  to obtain the utmost efficiency in outdoor environments.

These technical and functional features make the SPP520 Belltron mobile procession systems a reliable top professional product.

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