Date: April 02, 2023

Both Belltron and Marvinacustica are leading companies in the design and production of audio and acoustic insulation systems.

The parish church Sant'Anna in Bosisio Parini (LC) was subject to an extremely high reverberation time which needed to be significantly reduced in order to achieve optimal acoustics. Following site inspections made by Belltron to establish the most suitable systems to be installed,  it was decided to install a BPA-245 amplified mixer, a BDL-135 antilarsen and a BPR-320 equalizer.

The Belltron amplifiers process the signal exclusively in digital format and are not acoustically invasive, adding nothing to the voice or music in order for the audio to remain close to the original sound without creating distortion. The antilarsen and equalizer help in the process of maximizing the quality of the audio.

Both the altar and pulpit microphones were also installed by Belltron. These microphones are designed to be used in particularly reverberant environments as they are distinguished by a high rejection of the acoustic feedback phenomena to which they are sensitive to.

The specialized technicians for acoustics of the company Marvinacustica intervened to carry out the phonometric measurements before the installation (Ante Operam) which are necessary to establish and find the appropriate solution to any acoustic setback. After carefully analysing the situation, it was decided to intervene by installing a number of sound-absorbing panels to the side walls of the transept and behind the altars aimed at achieving the required reverberation time.

In order not to aesthetically disturb the surroundings, Marvinacustica installed custom-made panels of the same colour as the walls and positioned them in an appropriate way. These panels are sound-absorbing panels made by Marvinacustica Comfort line. They are acoustically very functional and at the same time custom made in shape, colour, size and thickness to integrate harmoniously with the environment and at the same time achieve the required result by absorbing the necessary frequencies.

The phonometrical reverberation tests confirmed an optimal result which was obtained thanks to the  intervention carried out by both of the above mentioned companies in the church of Sant'Anna. Below is a graph showing the measured values before the installation (Ante Operam) see the blue line; and After the installation (Post Operam) see the red line.

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