How we improved the acoustics in the Monastery of the Immaculate Conception in Barcelona

Date: October 06, 2023

Audio processors represent only a part of the system needed to make the word understandable in church. Components supplied by Belltron include professional speakers and specific microphones for ambone and altar.

The Monastery of the Immaculate Conception, also known as the Monastery of Saint Teresa, is a place of great historical and spiritual significance located in the heart of Barcelona, Spain. Founded in 1588 by the Discalced Carmelite friars minor, this monastery has gone through the centuries keeping intact its importance as a center of devotion and contemplation.

Although the current building may appear sober from an architectural point of view, it is rich in history and tradition. Over time, it has become the home of the female order, playing a crucial role in the spiritual life of the local community.

Located in the district of Sarrià, one of the most prosperous areas of Barcelona, the Monastery of the Immaculate Conception is surrounded by picturesque streets and quiet squares, creating an atmosphere of serenity and reflection.

Belltron, through her company in Spain based in Madrid, Didimo, was charged with solving a serious reverberation problem that made the celebrations difficult to listen to all the faithful. After a careful inspection, the technicians responsible decided to intervene with the speakers of the CA-65 series, known for their low visibility and high performance, ideal for sounding reverberant environments. The narrow distance between the acoustic centres ensures a high consistency in the sound emission and allows the reproduction of a wide range of frequencies, minimizing distortions.

In addition to the remarkable quality of the speakers chosen for this particularly reverberant environment, another key aspect was the choice of their placement within the structure: a crucial choice to ensure better speech intelligibility. This sound system helps reduce dispersion and ensures that sound reaches all areas of the church in a clear and understandable way.

The Belltron intervention contributed to significantly improving the experience of those who participate in the celebrations and prayers within the Monastery, emphasizing its continued relevance in the life of religious communities and the faithful.

Mother Superior Maria Lourdes did not hesitate to praise the work done in a timely and professional way. Congratulations also came from all the parish priests of the neighborhood, who celebrated the services after the installation of the new Belltron audio system.

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