Date: June 10, 2020

On Friday 22nd May the works regarding the installation of a bell system made by Belltron were completed at the Basilica of Santa Croce in Jerusalem in Rome.

The Basilica is located in the “Esquilino” district of Rome, between the Basilica of San Giovanni in Laterano and Porta Maggiore and is part of the Seven Churches visited by many pilgrims in Rome. Over the centuries there have been numerous restoration works and changes made in the church. The current facade dates back to the eighteenth century when both the exterior and interior of the Basilica had undergone changes.

The Parish of Santa Croce in Jerusalem was born in 1910 and established by Pope San Pio X.  Currently the parish priest is Don Gino Amicarelli who decided to renew the bell system and chose  Belltron, a company known for its reliability and quality in the world of bell electronics.

The works included the installation of three linear motors, three strikers and a GM-870 cast bell controller along with the Belltron Cloud system used for managing the programming.

The linear motors for the mechanization of the bells have no moving mechanical parts and are resistant to all types of weather conditions. Depending on the weight of the bells, these systems are available in five versions. Thanks to this wide range of models available it is possible to obtain the best possible result for any bell size in total safety. With this type of motor the bell is free to swing without friction which is normally caused by the gears of the traditional systems with chains.

The Belltron GM-870 cast bell controller allows you to control the programming of the bell movement and activate many other services, such as adjusting the clock strikes,  immediate playing of special melodies (e.g. funerals, solemn events, etc.) and controlling service programs such as  switching on lights and heating systems, opening doors and gates, turning on alarm systems) all of which can be done with just the simple touch of a finger. The melodies can be performed either real time or programmed according to the perpetual liturgical calendar and synchronized to play according to the period of the year.

Thanks to the use of proprietary technology, it has been possible to produce a device of the highest quality and utmost reliability. The GM-870 can be programmed via PC, Wireless, Ethernet, Internet, SD card, Tablet, Smartphone and can manage up to 24 external relay outputs.

By connecting the GM-870 cast bell controller to the Belltron-Cloud, any type of remote programming in real time can be made.

All devices connected to the Belltron-Cloud system receive available updates from time to time directly and automatically. If necessary, our technicians can intervene and assist with programming as needed through the Belltron Cloud system.

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