Jose: news from the Amazon rainforest

Date: July 17, 2013

A discontinued digital bell system belonging to the parish Santa Maria Goretti in Ascoli Piceno is about to be shipped to a church mission in Maturracà, right in the middle of the Brazilian forest on the border with Venezuela. The parish in Ascoli Piceno has now been supplied with a new system and although the old system functioned perfectly, it was time to update with a system of the latest technology. The parish priest decided not to take advantage of the discount that is usually offered by the company to its customers but to participate to a donation in a distinct  manner by donating its old system to the mission .

The Brazilian mission run by the Salesian priests came into contact with our sales manager Alessandro, thanks to the publicity that they had seen in the magazine called "30 days." The Church and the Salesian school are immersed in the forest and surrounded  by four small villages of about two thousand members of the Yanomami  tribe. The functions are carried out by José Uggenti a man of the church established in Brazil  who has been a missionary for the past thirty five years and is in direct contact with Alessandro. One of the values that distinguish Belltron is the friendship that is created with its customers that goes beyond any business relationship.

Quite often they establish lasting relationships based on trust with clients over the years. Although the work around Belltron covers a wide span of customers and a large geographical area in continuous expansion, the family-owned company dedicates particular attention to the individual customers and to each of their requirements.

The mission of Maturacá, is distant about a thousand kilometres from us; José keeps in touch with the world by means of traditional mail. In fact, his letters usually arrive here at Belltron after quite a few months. The time it takes for his letters to arrive is considered unusual for us, but at the same time very impressive in times of globalization and ultra fast communications. At the moment the missionary has been transferred for a few months to Manaus to receive medical care. Communications are much more efficient from there. Following is an extract from the last letter we received from Jose Uggenti, originally from the Puglia region in Italy  but now Brazilian adopted.

"My dear friend Alessandro,
I spoke to my sister over the phone and she informed me that she had received the parcel containing the digital bell system in perfect condition as it had been very carefully packed. It will ship in a few days and will arrive in about 60-70 days. I have spoken to the head of Customs, a friend of mine, who said she would help me with custom clearance procedures. I already have four speakers. I spoke with Sergio [Sergio Pontiggia: Belltron dealer  in Brazil. Until now, the only company authorized to sell and service Belltron equipment in Brazil:] and he  assured me that there would be no problems concerning voltage and frequency issues. In fact we have two-phase 220 volt, 60 Hz. If I encounter any difficulties with the installation I will certainly contact your technicians for assistance.
My thanks and my gratitude goes to Alessandro and all the staff at Belltron.  This device will certainly be the only one of its kind in the Amazon forest and has consequently expanded the world wide name of Belltron.  
I’m sure we will here from each other again very soon. Thanks. May God reward you.
A big hug
Jose Uggenti
Salesian (L) missionary"

Belltron’s activity throughout the world unfolds with the perspective to join together its dealers and issue  guidelines regarding the values that distinguish the company. The international distributors must in fact meet a number of requirements such as their availability to export and offer reliability and a quality product. The long-term success obtained is certainly sustained by expert dealers who engage in a passionate and enthusiastic manner their sales and support to their customers. In fact, in this occasion, Mr.  Sergio Pontiggia, having no competitive interest in this particular installation, has offered his assistance to José when the new digital carillon arrives, therefore reflecting the ideals of the Belltron attitude.

Belltron’s creativity, availability and passion recognises no boundaries when it comes to spreading the Word. The technical expertise, the efforts of teamwork and individual assistance as well as the open mindness are the precise  ingredients that produce the right vision which has led to finding a connection point between Belltron and the Yanomami tribe.
Belltron restores obsolete equipment in a creative way in order to give benefit to another’s daily work such as those who live difficult areas, thus giving the community a new opportunity. In an age such as ours, where talent and trade are used for practical reasons, maybe it’s the right time for us to become responsible of our actions allowing a dispassionate and brighter side to life.

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