Date: March 10, 2021

More and more parishes have expressed the need to temporarily amplify some ecclesiastical environments such as oratories or classrooms rather than a chapel, where it is not possible to permanently install an audio amplification system with cables and speakers fixed to the wall.

This request has encouraged  Belltron to design and build a new kit that can be integrated into the mobile procession system for mobile sound diffusion suitable for these environments.

The new kit consists of two practical and light  mini speakers which can be hooked up if necessary to the SPP-520 mobile procession system with stand and Belltron gooseneck microphones for the altar and cardioid radio (wireless) pulpit microphone for the speaker.

The Sennheiser receiver is integrated into the top of the Belltron mobile procession system. The frequency band scanning for automatic search with any of the free frequencies available is set to ensure a pure soundwithout interferences making the receivers complete and ready for use.

The SPP-520 procession poles are valued above all for the wide range of frequencies, the intuitive menus visible on a large graphic LCD screen, the built-in antilarsen and the USB input for transmitting background  sacred music. The unique design and the light but resistant structure have been carefully studied by the manufacturer to make the system as efficient as possible.

These technical and functional characteristics make Belltron SPP520 mobile procession systems a product that offers high efficiency, reliability and can be used for multiple purposes.

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