Date: November 22, 2016

After the devastating earthquakes on the 24th of August and the one at the end of October, the series of seismic incidents in central Italy continue to cause apprehension. Experts say they will continue for the next ten years before they finally stop. The only way to protect our monumental artistic heritage is to take preventive action to safeguard them.

In particular, today we would like to suggest some interventions to be made to the bell tower if any doubts should arise regarding their stability.


1) Site inspection: set up a site for preliminary testing of the safety of the bell tower;

2) Monitoring: Maintain constant control over a period of time of the various and/or possible evolutions of the surrounding ground;

3) Stop any disruptions: Apply polyurethane spray to strengthen the masonry in affected buildings in the area;

4) Encircle pilars with wooden vertical elements and strips of nylon polyester;

 6) Surround the pilars with carbon fiber strips;

7) Consolidation of the masonry works of the two pilars with reinforced-fiber mortar;

8) Protect the sides of the bell tower.


During this safeguarding procedure of the bell tower the sound of the bells playing could remain silent for a while or it may be considered unsafe to have them swing again and play in ancient towers therefore risking them to remain silent forever.

Since the playing of bells has always continued to unite people and create a feeling of solidarity and brotherhood in complete and total safety for both the artistic and monumental heritage, as well as for the people, Belltron proposes the installation of digital carillons that ensure the highest fidelity of timbre and good audio quality for the reproduction of bell sounds. In fact, a lot of congregations whilst listening to the harmony produced by the equipment made by Belltron have the impression that they are attending concerts of bells played with ancient techniques. This is one of the times in which a digital carillon is the ideal solution to be implemented in order to continue to live the bell tradition.

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