NEW Belltron Tower clock controller: BCS series

Date: September 24, 2014

The BCS - Belltron Clock System, is the new series of clock controllers with the ability to operate in a fully automatic way.
The BCS controls the bell tower completely from the clock hand movements  to the  turning of lights on and off.
The Belltron Clock System BCS has an input for Satellite or DCF 77.5 receiver for continuous  time synchronizing.

Depending on the model, the available features are :  adjustment of the tower clock hands, clock strikes on either two, three, four and five bells by means of serial control or traditional On/Off relay. Period or typical day time programming for more than 1,000 service programs on 120 relay outputs enables total control of any appliance such as: lighting, heating systems, opening of doors, alarm systems, etc.

In addition, the  BCS system can program the latitude and longitude for the automatic calculation of sunrise and sunset and consequently manage automatic lighting of the bell tower, street lights, etc.

Easy to handle with a modern design, the BCS is completely touch sensitive and easy to program even by beginners.

BCS series: the utmost performance at the lowest possible price.

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