Sound system in the Cathedral in Palermo, Italy

Date: February 03, 2016

Palermo – During the initiation ceremony of the new archbishop, Monsignor Corrado Lorefice, the Primate Metropolitan Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary of the Assumption in Palermo decided to renew its audio system. Amongst the companies that proposed their audio installations was a  company called Exeler, which is the official reseller of Belltron products in Sicily.

The undisputed quality of the Belltron audio systems, combined with the professionalism and technical skills of Pietro Salemi and Maurizio Rando, convinced the parish committee to choose the Belltron products. After a careful analysis of the environmental acoustics and an architectural survey relative to the equipment to be used and the layout of the church, it was decided to use the Belltron speakers series GL and CA-65.

The episcopal ordination of Monsignor Lorefice took place on the 5th December and was  presided over by his predecessor, Cardinal Paolo Romeo. Everyone was extremely satisfied with the successful outcome of the celebration. How can an excellent sound be appreciated without using  effective means of communication?

Belltron chose the following speakers:

  • GL – This series of Belltron speakers brings warmth, energy and the emotions of a church function right to the heart of the congregation. It is a speaker system distinguished by a linear frequency response, homogenous angle dispersion, powerful tone correction and natural sound reproduction.
  • CA-65 – The reduced distance between the acoustic centres provides a consistency in issuing sound with a homogenous angle dispersion and excellent intelligibility for voice reproduction.
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