Date: May 31, 2021

Gouda Town Hall is one of the oldest town halls in the country. It is an historic building in Flemish Gothic and Renaissance style classified as a rijksmonument (which means "monument of the kingdom"), in the Markt ("Market Square") of Gouda, in the south of the Netherlands. It was built between 1448 and 1459 and designed by Jan III Keldermans. It was later enlarged and remodelled in its present form in 1517 and again between 1692 and 1695.

One of its structural features are the red and white shuttered windows and a carillon, located on the eastern facade, which rings every half hour. The carillon also actions some figures who recall the appointing of Gouda as a free city by Floris V of Holland in 1272. In fact, the main facade shows some statues that represent, among others, Floris V of Holland, Jacoba van Beieren, Philip the Good, Philip the Handsome and Charles the Bold.

The work relative to the bell system along with the management of the moving figures had originally be made in 1970. Today the Daelmans company, which has been involved in the restoration and maintenance of Bells, Carillon and Tower Clocks since 1986, has completed the restoration work on the electronic mechanisms by replacing the old devices with new motors and a cast bell controller made by Belltron.

The Belltron GM-870I system manages the hour strikes, controls the five swinging bells and manages the movement of the figures on the facade.

The official inauguration will be held on the 17th May and will be officiated by the mayor and various public figures of the city along with the local press and television. This is considered an important commemorative moment for the unique Gouda Town Hall.

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