Date: January 11, 2021

The Basilica Sanctuary Maria Santissima in Tindari rises on the suggestive summit of a hill and dominates the natural reserve of the Marinello lakes. The current building stands where the primitive fortress or castle of Tindari is said to have been built. On the 8th September 2018 it was denominated a minor basilica by Pope Francis.

The sanctuary is designed as a basilica with a Latin cross, three naves, a square transept and a semi-circular apse. The church is 64 meters long and 24 meters wide. The floor is in billiemi marble and the sloping ceilings are covered with blue ceramics. On the northern side, adjacent to the left aisle, there’s a loggia which is 76 meters long and 8 meters wide. The penitentiary of the sanctuary can be found under the loggia  connected to the crypt. Owing to the material used for the construction of this structure, made mainly of marble, along with the various side chapels, balconies and the large dome,  a good quality sound diffusion is difficult to be reached. However, Belltron managed to resolve problem of the 9 second reverb by installing a complete audio system which included amplifiers, speakers, audio processors and altar & pulpit microphones.

The Belltron audio system brings a heart-warming energy and enjoyment to the congregation during the functions. The most updated studies, design and production technologies for professional sound reinforcement systems have been synthesized in the loudspeakers. The speakers are characterized by linear frequency response, harmonized angular dispersion, high timbre correctness, excellent intelligibility and genuine reproduction of music and vocals succeeding in making any kind of sound feel warm and real. In addition, owing to the in-line array structure, the speakers make excellent voice and live music systems.  The series chosen for the Minor Basilica of Tindari is certainly ideal for churches that frequently host holy music concerts as they are able to reproduce the tones and frequencies of all instruments appropriately. It is an audio system where the music seems to invade the walls creating a truly wonderful, engaging experience.

The quality and reliability of the Belltron products along with a 24-hour technical assistance service, encouraged the parish priest, Don Giuseppe Gallio, to renew the audio system for the second time in twenty years, choosing and relying once again on products made by Belltron. With the proprietary technology, which characterizes each electronic system, you can enjoy the excellence of a Made in Italy product and leader in electronics within the ecclesiastical world.

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