Cast Bell Controllers - GM-870E

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Available in the following versions:

  •  GM-870E: To manage up to 24 external relay outputs;
  •  GM-870E4+1: 4+1 internal relay outputs;
  •  GM-870E6+1:  6+1 internal relay outputs.



The Belltron cast bell controller allows you to play real cast bronze bells. The 7” graphic colour display allows a good clear  vision of the available menus and time programming. It is easy to program the GM- 870E thanks to the straightforward guided instructions available in various languages (Italian, English, French, Spanish, Polish, German , Portuguese, Russian, Romanian, Lithuanian).




Ten instant program buttons are available to allow you to enable or inhibit programmed bell sounds, to adjust clock strikes, quick play bell sounds such as funeral tolls, solemn events, etc., check service programs (turning on lights or heating, opening of doors/gates, alarm systems, all with the simple touch of a finger. The USB port allows a quick and easy way to carry out a backup and restore of data, programming and bell sounds.


The perpetual liturgical calendar allows you to time program and synchronize any event to play without losing memory or overlapping the bell sounds.  Connection between the cast bell controller and the bells can be made via twisted pair or via radio where ever  obstructions in the structure exist. A maximum of 1,000 bell sounds can be stored. Programming of the bell sounds can be made either weekly, daily, yearly or for fixed or variable dates. To instantly play a special bell sound simply follow the guided instructions on the screen. 


Use of the latest generation of processors make the GM-870E a high-performance device. Thanks to the use of an operating system and proprietary technology we have managed to manufacture a system with a high quality memory. The system can manage up to 24 external relay outputs or 4+1 or 6+1 internal relays according to the version which has been chosen.

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