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PL serie

The Belltron  PL series internal hammers are equipped with an amortized hammer and are available in different models.


The internal hammers of the PL series are equipped with a simple and practical structure which provides from 3 to 5 strikes per second, depending on the weight of the bell.


The structure of the hammers of the PL series is made of a heat treated aluminium and is supplied with fins for heat dissipation and a stainless steel shaft. 


The internal hammers function with the Belltron motors and are programmed by Belltron’s cast bell controllers. Various models are available according to the size of the bells. Power supply:  220 Volts cc


The quality and reliability of Belltron products are tested and safe. Using proprietary technology, which characterizes every single electronic device, Belltron is pleased to offer a distinctive Made in Italy product. The high quality factory made productions promote the good name of the company, which is an excellence for electronics in the ecclesiastical world.

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Belltron offers its customers a maintenance service at a 360° range to make their daily work easier. These services include : software that meets specific requirements, system information and simple online ordering constantly available, technical support by qualified Belltron technicians by phone, timely intervention in case of system failure.


Warranty covers the Belltron product from the purchase date from an authorized dealer. The quality and reliability of all Belltron products are tested, thanks to a thorough quality control on every single component made by a dedicated team before they are placed on the market. All our products are conceived, designed and manufactured in Italy entirely in-house.

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